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where to sell engagement rings Nashville TN

where to sell engagement rings Nashville TN

The time you take to date may not be enough to hone in on their style. One may gamble with the idea of returning the ring because it is too hideous in their hand. Alternatively, engaged couples who are stuck with their rings would find it best to make some money from the relationship’s split. What can you do with an engagement ring without keeping it in your possession?

Where to sell engagement rings

Google will give you many choices on where you can sell the ring for the best money. You stand the chance of getting the highest price when if you sell it to a reputable online buyer. The vast Internet creates competition for portals that accept engagement rings. Understanding the challenge does not have to be a practical challenge that makes you haggle for days or months. The following are some basics of Internet portals that purchase jewelry.

Online selling options

Online Ads

These platforms do not engage in the actual purchase, but they will place and market the advertisement on other platforms. The benefits of using an ad site include a high chance for a fast transaction and the comfort of selecting from a multitude of buyers.

An online ads site may, however, make it challenging to set an excellent price. Similarly, you do not have a guarantee that the ring will sell. Online ads expose you to Internet scams that may cost you the entire ring. Lastly, the wrong ad site will cost you an unfair percentage of the total earnings.

Online auction

Auction platforms are another convenient way for you to sell the ring without hassle. You can set the price and bid it up to the highest value possible. The only problems are that you do not have an exact timeline of when the ring will sell or the possibility of generating additional income. Additionally, some auction platforms will only rank your bid higher when you have enough experience on the platform.


The more traditional and less effective online selling option is by advertising the ring through your personal social media account. You can take pictures and add accurate descriptions on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The downside of this selling option is that you are less likely to find a buyer through these public portals. Additionally, you may expose yourself to a large following or jewelry admirers who cannot buy the ring.

Specialist buyers

The safest and fastest way to sell an engagement ring is through a portal that has experience with similarly luxurious possessions. The following are some of the pros you will experience with a jewelry specialist:

  • You will receive competitive prices from a buyer that has a long experience with the fluctuating market. You can receive the payment within an agreed timeframe because of a secured transaction.
  • Expert buyers have the best and fastest method of assessing secondhand rings. The resale will not have an objective measure to undercut your returns. The GIA certification has the necessary standards to place the best price on the ring.

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where to sell engagement rings Nashville TN
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where to sell engagement rings Nashville TN
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